Downloads: Bibles, Catechisms, Canon Laws & etc.

Bible versions

Old Testaments:

HEBREW--Masoretic Text -- From Hebrew sources Alone (MT is c 7th Century AD)

English translator of the Masoretic (download .zip) --(lacks deutrocanonicals) JPS..KJVish (view html)--Modern Jewish translation (not JPS) by Judica Press of the Masoretic Text with Rashi commentary, with referances targums like Pseudo Jonathan and Oneklos.

Torah Only (view html)- 2 Hebrew fonts and English (JPS) side by side of the Torah/ Pentaceuch (only the first 5 books) with transliteration

Scripture4all (view as exe or pdf) --Interlinear with KJV-Masoretic Text and transliteration (39 books)

HebrewOldTestament (view html)--Uses Masoretic Text and Paleo-Hebrew along with various modern bibles with transliteration

1917 JPS Side by Side(view html or download .zip)--Side-by-Side with JPS (kjv like) and Masoretic Text

GREEK- Septuagint (LXX)-Greek alone, NT Greek tends to Agree with LXX not MT and is prefered by many Early Church Fathers (LXX is c 300 BC)

Brenton (download .zip )--Translated by Brenton around AD 1850

NETS (view/download .pdf )--New English Translation of the Septuagint, Modern with Deutrocanonicalss and Apocryphal texts

Apostolic Bible (download .pdf) --Interlinear Old Testament

LXX (view html)-- Transliterated Septugint

ARAMAIC--Peshitta Text of OT--Possibly quoted by the NT (Peshitta OT is c. 100 BC-AD100)

Peshitta Text of Old Testament (download .zip)-Translated from Aramaic alone (lacks deutrocanonicals)

Peshitta Text of Old Testament with Wisdom (view .html)-untranslated Aramaic texts of 40 books of OT linked to a Lexicon (requires fonts)

Peshitta Text Old Testament Trilinear (view)--2 versions of the Old Testament without Deutros with English (1 may be a targum)

Hebrew/Aramaic Targums- books of the bible with interpolations etc...

Pseudo Jonathan Text(view html)--First 5 only, interesting read, but not a real version of the Torah (translated by J.W. Etheridge in 1862)

Onkelos Text (view html)--First 5 only, interesting read, but not a real version of the Torah (translated by J.W. Etheridge)

Targums of Psalms (view html)--150 Psalms

Targums of Ruth, Lamentations and Songs (view html)

The above links are dead try or download them from me

Download targums save ruth etc all as .rar (this link works)

New Testaments:

Greek Texts

Greek Texts (download)--From Greek alone, like Byzantine Majority, Textus recepti, Alexanderian etc..

Greek Texts and Interlinear (view)--Shows 5 Greek Texts (Byz major, 2 Textus, Alexandrian, Westcott) and several translations (like kjv)

Greek Interlinear/translateration (view as pdf or exe)-- Site with Interlinear and transliteration of Textus Receptus using KJV

Apostolic Bible (download .pdf)--Interlinear Greek New Testament

Aramaic Texts

1- George Lamsa Aramaic New Testament (download .zip)-- Translation from George Lamsa of Peshitto *mostly a copy of the KJV

2- Interlinear Peshitta Text of Gospels and part of Acts (view .pdf)-- Translation of Peshitta with word search and lexicon, has Matthew 1- Acts 15

3-Victor Alexander Aramaic Peshitto (view)--Translates all New Testament and some Old Testament, it contains some poor commentary and sometimes obvious mistranslations, interpolations or paraphrasing

4- Peshitto Copy (view html)--untranslated with words linked to a lexicon (requires fonts)

5-Khabouris Codex (download pdf)--Shows a scan of the text next to Etheridge side by side

Whole Bibles:

Douay Rheims-- Translation of the Latin Vulgate

Original 1582/1611 Douay Rheims without notes(download .pdf )

View Online Scans of the Original Douay Rheims with notes (view .pdf)

Chancellor Douay Rheims without notes(download .zip) (listen to Tobit, Judith)

Chancellor Douay Rheims with notes (download .zip) (view 1 html) (view 2 html)

New American Bible (view)--Translation from various texts with some alterations

Latin Vulgate

Vulgate ( --Latin Only Clementine Vulgate

Vulgate-Douay Rheims interlinear ( with Douay (Chancellor) and Latin Vulgate (Clementine)

Interlinear Vulgate (view html)--A modern interlinear of the Latin Vulgate

Various Vulgates (view)--Many versions of the Latin Vulgate in Latin

Various Vulgates (download exe)--Side by side downloadable program that updates errors with DRB and Spanish and French bibles

20+ Bibles (download .rar)--KJV, NKJV, NASB etc....

Greek Interlinear (view exe)- Textus Receptus and KJV with interlinear

Sources of Catholic Dogma:

Denzinger (view html)-an older version of Denzinger's book which includes hundreds of Papal quotes

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

Biblia Clerus (download .exe)--NAB & RSV with Early Church Fathers commentary from the Holy See itself.


30 day Catechism (download) -an easy Catechism designed for neophytes and children, beginners to the faith. Question and Answer format.

Baltimore Catechism level 1 (download) -for children * each Baltimore states similar, but is slightly different

Baltimore Catechism level 2 (download)--in between

Baltimore Catechism level 3 (download) -for adults, more reasoning, and more complexed

Baltimore Catechism of 1891 (download pdf)--1400 questions and answers

Catechism of Trent (download) -Ordered by Pope Pius V for clergy

St Pius X's Catechism (download .html ) (download pdf) - Early 20th Century Catechism

1997 Catechism (download in .html) (view in .html 1) (view in .html 2) (download in Word .docx) (download in .txt) (download in .exe)- Official Catechism as of 1983, (lacks additions to it)

1997 Cathecism (download as .lit)-- same as before, but as lit and needs ebook reader installed

Compendium (download in .html ) (view in .html) - Official Catechism, but in shorter and Question and Answer format

Code of Canon Law:

1983 Code of Canon Law (view in .html's)--American English

1983 Code of Canon Law (download pdf) --American English

1983 Code of Canon Law (download in .html )--offical from 1983 to today, British English translation of the CCL

1917 Code of Canon Law (download in .html )--in Latin, offical Canon Law from 1917-1983

Church Fathers:

St Ambrose: Concerning Virgins (read/hear) On the Duties of Clergy (read/hear)

St Augustine:

St Thomas Aquinas: Excerpts of the Summa Theologiae *On the Existence of God(read hear or hear1 here and hear2)--- Nature of evil In Three Parts(hear1 hear2 hear3)

GK Chesterton

Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton (read .pdf) (listen .mp3)

Fr Brown by GK Chesterton (read/listen)

Latin Chants- Gregorian Chants (post 1850's style) 43 available

Dum Pater Familia (read/listen/download)

Virgo Dei Genitrix (download/listen .mp3) (1.25 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Tenebrae (download/listen .mp3) (3.13 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Qui Sedes (download/listen .mp3) (2.22 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Memento (download/listen .mp3) (.813 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Meditabor (download/listen .mp3) (1.17 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Media Vita (download/listen .mp3) (4.03 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Kyrie (download/listen .mp3) (1.98 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Iubilate (download/listen .mp3) (3.12 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Hoc Corpus (download/listen .mp3) (1.04 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Dirigatur (download/listen .mp3) (1.70 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Descendit (download/listen .mp3) (3.91 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Da Pacem (download/listen .mp3) (2.80 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Custodi Me (download/listen .mp3) (1.19 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Christus (download/listen .mp3) (2.20 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Ad Te Domine (download/listen .mp3) (1.53 Mb) Recorded AD 1930

Alleluia (download/listen .mp3) (2.2 Mb)

Christmas Alleluia (download/listen .mp3) (2.8 Mb)

Ave Maria (download/listen .mp3) (1.2 Mb)

Benedictus (download/listen .mp3) (2.1 Mb)

Improperium (download/listen .mp3) (2.4 Mb)

Viderunt Omnes (download/listen .mp3) (1.51 Mb)

Tecum Principatus (download/listen .mp3) Christmas (1.35 Mb)

Introitus Puer Natus (download/listen .mp3) Christmas (2.43 Mb)

Et Incartnatus (download/listen .mp3) Christmas (2.90 Mb)

Dies sanctificatus (download/listen .mp3) Christmas (1.92 Mb)

Adeste fideles (download/listen .mp3) Christmas (3.76 Mb)

Complacuisti (download/listen .mp3) Advent (.73 Mb)

Dicite pusillanimes (download/listen .mp3) Advent (2.0 Mb)

Rorate caeli (download/listen .mp3) Advent (1.99 Mb)

Veni ad liberandum (download/listen .mp3) Advent (.855 Mb)

Regina caeli (download/listen .mp3) Pascha (Easter) (4.9 Mb)

Introitusresurrexi (download/listen .mp3) Pascha (Easter) (5.61 Mb)

Filii et filiae (download/listen .mp3) Pascha (Easter) (3.5 Mb)

Communio pascha (download/listen .mp3) Pascha (Easter) (4.98 Mb)

Confitemini domino (download/listen .mp3) Pascha (Easter) (1.42 Mb)

Alleluia pascha (download/listen .mp3) Pascha (Easter) (1.84 Mb)

Tibi dixit (download/listen .mp3) Lent (3.15 Mb)

Quis dabit (download/listen .mp3) Lent (4.03 Mb)

Qui verbum (download/listen .mp3) Lent (.74 Mb)

Miserere Nostri (download/listen .mp3) Lent (2.53 Mb)

Exsurge quare obdormis Domine (download/listen .mp3) Lent (2.99 Mb)

Domine convertere (download/listen .mp3) Lent (3.88 Mb)

De profundis (download/listen .mp3) Lent (1.88 Mb)